Wednesday, February 25, 2009

STP - The Fall Remixes (Subsolo)

STP, better known as dubstep/techno producer Shed orders up a prestigious pair of remixes for the first release on his still quite new Subsolo label. First up is the recently famous (due to his much heralded reworkings for the infamous Skull Disco) T++. The remix kicks off immediately with squelchy patterns over a 4/4 beat that still retains most aspects of dubstep's rhythmic sensability. On top of the kick is what seems to be a live bass drum that gives it a more immediate pounding feel. The beat itself never really changes, but instead periodically and litterally drops out of audibility every now and again leaving simple amience, until slowly morphing its way back into line. It's a work of beauty that confuses its listener's sense of time and perception with its ever changing sound. On the other half is equally famed (if not even more so) Peverelist. It has all of the producer's usual sounds: colorful ambient washes, a light beat that eventually gives way to something deeper, smirking hats, and playful reverb. While this marks no new territory for Peverelist it shows extreme consistancy in beauty and clattering precision. This release also finds T++ dangerously pushing the boundries of dubtechno into abstract fields, and that makes it all the more exciting.

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