Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mr. G - Makes No Sense (REKIDS)

It has been a while since we have seen Mr. G on the famed Rekids label, not since the devestating super-hit "U Askin?". Mr. G has established himself as a necessity for the Rekids label, he is simply a perfect example for their sound. The track begins with hypnotic repetition that slowly builds through the course of it's 10 minutes. Nestled in between are twangy synth stabs, and a dub-style vocal sample. It may be a steamroller, but the first notion you have is that it lacks the charm and funk that made "U Askin?" so successful. On the other side label-owner takes the remixing duties, and it fares much better. As per usual, Matt Edwards takes a very deep and hypnotic beat and simply rides it through the song's length. Good thing this is one of his best he has done. The beat takes a large kick and tribal drums and makes something unsensibly funky and danceable. Riding over that beat are swirls of jungle sound effects like leaves rustling and birds chirping, given much reverb to make a dark, druggy feel. It is very silly that people seem to be giving Matt Edwards a hard time with this release due to his likely ability to do a remix very easily due to their repetitive simple nature when he has released remixes like the Dead Souls remix, or the Ralph Falcon remix which sounded like he didn't even take the time to compress his work due to the bad static sounds in the track. Both sides seem to be taking cues from the recent dubstep/techno crossover, but veteran Edwards wins out.

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