Friday, February 27, 2009

Soundboy's Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals (Skull Disco)

This is the the final release for us as the Skull Disco label comes to an untimely close after only 10 releases. This double CD compilation gathers the final 5 vinyl releases, and remixes for each of the songs as well. The first disc rounds out the originals. The lone track by label co-owner Appleblim is quite a standout, strange considering he always felt limp compared to label co-owner Shackleton's forward thinking work. It ticks along with a great bassline and microscopic percussion that creates a dizzying effect. Appleblim also makes two other appearances on tracks coproduced with Peverelist, and they seem to have the most traditional sound. Highlight is the utterly lush and beautiful intro to Over Here that eventually blossoms into a wonderful track. Lastly there are five Shackleton works that are the stars of the show. Shackleton continues to explore very intricate and sparse middle-eastern rhythms with rumbling liquid bass beneath, however, they are taken to creative extremes here. Each boasts incredibly detailed beats, wonderfully disturbing vocal samples, woozy bass, and great melody. Best are the complimentary tracks, The Rope Tightens... ...But the Branch is Weak. On the other disc is a remix for every song on the first disc. Most remarkable are Peverelist, who takes the dub/techno crossover far to one side with his predominantly 4/4 remix, and Badawi, who stretches his work into a 12 minute clattering opus. I was dissapointed by the much talked about T++ remix of Death is not Final, which psychadelically skitters along on top of sub bass; it is quite effective but never is lifted to the much praised heights it was given. Skull Disco is in my opinion, the most effective dubstep label ever, and it is sad to see it go so quickly, but we are left with this ultimate requiem.

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