Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ruede Hagelstein - Dog Vs. Dog IV (Lebensfreude)

As per usual, Ruede Hagelstein finds cavernous and dark reliability with his latest in the Dog Vs. Dog series on the Lebensfreude label. Side A bosts a wonderful grooving beat that carries his trademark ethnic sound effects effortlessly, inluding a glorious blaring horn that seems to call forth the spirits of the Underworld. However, this exact sound was used to a much more devestating effect on his last single, the sadly overlooked (much like Ruede himself) Modest Theme. Surely there is an unspoken rule that an artist cannot use the same gimmicks twice, a rule that must also be unknown to Dominik Eulberg whose digital-only remix of his own latest single, Eucalypse Now! featured a sound effect previously utilized on his (utterly wonderful) 2007 remix of Riley Reinhold's Light in my Eyes. On the flip however is a dark tribal infested journey through murky water that fares even better. It begins with a pulsing kick that sets the undertone for all sorts of growling vocals, tribal percussion and synth stabs. It rolls along on the relenting groove until everything drops out of sight, and a massive and terrifying metallic screech hauls the breakdown into place. It calls back to mind Hagelstein's peak work, Der Kamblasser from his last Dog Vs. Dog EP. Ruede Hagelstein exhibits stunning consistancy, although this release is certainly no crest on the line of his work, perhaps because it echoes too much of his earlier, greater work.

Please take note that this is a radio edit of the original 10 minute piece.

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